Not Paid on a Construction Job?

Our construction attorneys will strive to protect your interests and get you paid!

Let us help you:

 • File a lien
 • Serve Demand Letters
 • File a Lawsuit
 • Pursue Bond Claims 

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• Not paid on a construction job?

• Facing a construction lawsuit?

• Need legal advice?

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The Lien Company

Construction Lawyers and Lien Services in Metro Detroit

The Lien Company is a boutique law firm that specializes solely in the practice of construction law.

We represent contractors, subcontractors, restoration companies, building material suppliers in the prosecution and defense of construction claims and all related issues for private and public projects.

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Need to file a lien right now?

• Not paid on a construction job?

• Facing a construction lawsuit?

• Need legal advice?

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Being Sued Filing

Need Help Filing Documents to Protect Your Rights?

Missing a filing deadline can completely eliminate your chances of being paid on the construction project you completed.

The Lien Company's construction lawyers will ensure that you won’t miss any future deadlines.

Whether filing liens, lawsuits, or bond claims, our attorneys are organized, informed, and willing to do everything it takes to make sure your rights are protected!

Are You Being Sued?

We can help!

Disputes in the construction industry are all too common - despite everyone’s best efforts.

If you find yourself involved in any type of dispute, it is important that you contact an experienced construction attorney to help.

The Lien Company attorneys are highly experienced in resolving construction disputes both in and out of court. We ensure that our clients are protected and respected during all phases of construction.